• Catalina Island Liveaboard Weekend

Catalina Island Liveaboard Weekend

The islands off California have so much to offer scuba divers. The water is consistently clear, the seas are usually calm plus a wide variety of marine life awaits for divers to explore. Just a short drive to California offers fantastic diving with a very high concentration of marine life, such as sea lions, kelp forests, garibaldi fish, lobsters and more.

Santa Catalina Island is a favorite destination for many divers.  It's just over two hours from the Los Angeles Harbor and serves as a diving destination. With great kelp beds, a variety of life, pinnacles and walls, it offers something for all divers. The visibility is usually 50 to 100 feet, making photography and sightseeing popular activities. Great views of the Purple Hydrocoral can be found at Farnsworth Bank.



  • Lodging on-board for two days and nights
  • Meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks on-board
  • Unlimited diving (your dive computer/table limits apply)
  • Dive assistance from our trip leaders
  • Air fills (Nitrox can be brought on-board)
  • The boat departs Friday evening at 9 pm and returns Sunday afternoon at approximately 3 pm


Does Not Include:

  • Round trip transportation to California
  • Tips
  • Personal dive equipment
  • Weather permitting – fuel surcharge for outer island
  • Anything else not mentioned under “what’s included”


Starting from

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Parking Parking is free. There are 2 spaces at the East end of the lot where you can take your gear to the boat. Parking for vehicles is right across the street in the park. Please secure your vehicle before our departure and make sure valuables are secured.


Water Temperature Southern California is considered to have temperate climate with water temperatures ranging from 55° to 65°.


Exposure Protection We recommend at a minimum, a 7mm wetsuit, semi-dry or dry suit depending on your body build, cold tolerance and physiology. Hoods are also recommended.


Air Fills Standard air fills are included; Nitrox is not refillable on the vessel. You can rent Nitrox cylinders from the store and take them with you on the vessel.


Cylinders / Weights The boat does not provide cylinders or weights. The vessel can fill either low or high pressure air cylinders. You are welcome to bring your own cylinder (make sure it is in current hydro and VIP or it won’t be refilled). Please bring your own weights.


Clothing / Toiletries Please bring casual, comfortable clothing. Bring your necessary toiletries and a one or two towels (one to dry off ocean water and one for showering).


Tips The boat crew will work hard to help you on-board, cleaning, cooking, refilling cylinders, etc. Tipping is a very personal choice and should reflect the level of service you received. We suggest an average tip of $40 to $60 per person for the weekend, with more being acceptable if you so choose. The tips are collected at the end of the trip and given to the captain to be divided equally among the crew. We ask that your tips be in cash.


Sleeping arrangements The boat has dormitory style bunks in the forward and aft sleeping quarters. We have a bunk list and will select your bunk as you make your reservations. Any unused bunks can be used for storing your clothing bags. Each bunk has a privacy curtain, pillows, and light blankets. It is highly recommended to bring your own sleeping bag.


Hunting / Spearfishing Hunting and spearfishing is permitted on-board during open season timeframes. You must be fully aware of what the current hunting regulations are so as to avoid any citations if we are boarded by the Department of Fish and Game. You must have a valid Fish and Game license with an Ocean Enhancement Stamp, and a Lobster Report Card (if taking lobster). You will also need a lobster bag and gauge. Lobster may currently be in season and you are allowed to catch up to 7 per person per day. You can get licenses online if you have a 3 week advance or you can purchase these licenses at Walmart or other sporting goods stores in California.


Boat Berth Directions


The Bottom Scratcher is berthed at the 22nd Street Landing, 141 W. 22nd Street, San Pedro, California 90731 (a suburb of the greater Los Angeles area) and part of the L.A. Harbor.


From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) The most economical way to get here from LAX is by shuttle van. From a car rental agency take Century Blvd. West, stay to the right and take the Sepulveda Blvd. exit. Then make a left on to Sepulveda Blvd. South. Once on Sepulveda Blvd. stay to the right and take the exit to the Anderson (Century) Freeway (Interstate 105) East. Stay to the right and take the exit to the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405) South (to Long Beach). Once on the 405 you can use the diamond car pool lane if there are two or more people in your vehicle. When you pass Western Avenue it is time to move to the right so you can take the exit to the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) South (to San Pedro).


From Downtown Los Angeles Take the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) South to San Pedro.


From Downtown Long Beach Take Ocean Blvd. South to Terminal Island and then to the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Then take the Gaffey Street Exit.


From Anaheim Take the Santa Ana Freeway (nterstate 5) North to the Artesia/Gardena Freeway (California 91) West to the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) South to San Pedro. Take the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) South to the end at Gaffey Street. From the end of the 110 turn left on Gaffey Street and proceed to 22nd Street, which has a light. Turn left on 22nd and proceed past the next two lights on Pacific and Via Cabrillo Marina. The 22nd Street Landing will be just past the Yacht Club on the right.


Pull into the parking lot, then unload your gear onto the boat. After unloading, move your car across the street to one of the long term parking areas. Tanks are stowed in the tank racks at the back of the boat, with weights on the deck below the tank racks. Dive bags are stowed behind your cylinder on the rack. Personal gear may be stowed in the galley, or your bunk. There are many 110V outlets in the galley if you need to charge any battery operated gear. Please make sure to sign the sign in list at the same number position where you have stowed your tank.

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