• Scuba Certification

Scuba Certification

The Open Water Diver certification is globally recognized and valid for life. You will be certified to dive to depths of up to 60 feet after completing your Digital Learning, Classroom/Pool Sessions, and four Open Water Training Dives. 

Medical Clearance
In order to participate, you will need a clean bill of health or a physician's approval to dive. This form will be sent to you following registration and needs to be completed prior to your first session, including physician approval, if applicable. If you do not receive medical clearance from your physician for whatever reason, then we will issue a full refund for the course.
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After completing your Digital Learning, it's time to learn alongside our instructors during classroom and pool sessions. You’ll practice and master the skills needed to enjoy diving safely. Students need their own Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Surface Marker Buoy & Reel for training.

*The first session will be scheduled with us as your Personal Orientation. It takes about 90 minutes as we cover all details about the course, paperwork, required personal gear and any questions you have. 


Does Not Include:

  • Personal Snorkeling System & Safety Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Surface Marker Buoy & Reel)
  • Open Water Training Dives (4)


Choose a class below. Materials for Digital Learning will be sent to you after purchase so you can get started from the comfort of your home. Can't decide on a date for class or want a private lesson? Select the 'Dates Undecided' course below and a team member will reach out to get you scheduled.

Four Open Water Training Dives are required to complete your certification, and should be done within six months of finishing your pool and classroom sessions. 

These can be completed through three methods:

  1. Locally
    We have local opportunities to complete your training during the summer season. These are a great option to complete your training economically and close to home. Choose a date below. 
  2. Certification Vacation 
    Certification Vacations are short trips exclusively for our students who are looking to complete their Open Water Certification Dives. An easy flight from the U.S., Certification Vacations offer students the chance to complete their certification in clear, warm ocean waters with an experienced Diventures instructor. No more waiting until the weather is just right or diving through murky lake waters. These vacations allow you to dive any time of the year!

    There are six spots available on each Certification Vacation trip. This ratio allows for each student to get individualized attention from their instructor. For most students, this will be their first-time swimming in the ocean. Knowing you are doing it under the watchful eye of an expert makes for a confidence-building experience.

    Click here to learn more or schedule your trip!
  3. Referral
    If you have an upcoming trip you already planned, we can complete paperwork for you to do your training dives there. Because you haven't completed your full certification yet, you will need to partner with a store that teaches under the same training agency (SSI) in order to receive credit for the portion you've already completed.



Starting from

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Junior Open Water Certification

Junior Open Water Certifications are available for students ages 10-14. 

  • Minimum age for group lessons: 12 years old
  • Minimum age for private lessons: 10 years old

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